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How to Help
How to Help

How to Help

There are multiple ways to help the social movement Achieve, Collect & Give Back:

Be FRIEND AND FAN of the social movement through FACEBOOK
Help us create a network of followers in social networks, disseminating this social cause beyond its borders. The spirit of togetherness and interaction helps in the growth of this cause.

By a donation  IBAN PT50003300004532211073605  SWIFT\BIC- BCOMPTPL
Support this movement through a donation by bank transfer 

Through the phone number +351 760 20 40 60  
Support this movement through a donation by phone call 0,60 € plus country fee 

Register on our website and subscribe to our newsletter

Receive information about this social issue, follow our news and updates.

Spread the word, is helping
Spread this cause among your friends and acquaintances.

Soon will be released several other ways for you to help this cause!


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